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LBMAGT is a professional gold trading company that has been operating for many years. Dubai has evolved over the years to become one of the renowned gold industry in the world. LBMAGT has been a part of that advancement and we have greatly contributed to the glittering gold culture of Dubai. I can say with great honour and pleasure that, since the foundation on 1960, LBMAGT has developed and expanded so much to be the leader in Dubai- one of the fast-growing gold centres in the world. Trust, Quality and integrity have always been principle which enabled us a rapid growth. I believe that as a company we do have full responsibility for the successful delivery of gold bullion. Perseverance and productive development are always our concerns and we have been successfully achieved the same thereby contributing towards the socio-economic development of the country at large. ”

We are recently generating a new concept in Gold Industry that will enrich the individuals and the corporates financial freedom through finding and sourcing the right and sustainable solution to protect themselves from economy turn downs and sudden unexpected surprises.

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